How do I apply my press on Nails?

Step 1: Use the nail file to file down the free edge of your nails.

Step 2: With the manicure stick, push back your cuticles.

Step 3: Use the mini buffer to remove the shine off your nail beds.

Step 4: Cleanse your nails with the alcohol wipes.


Step 5: Apply a small amount of glue into the press on nail and place it on your finger. Hold nail firmly for 10 seconds.

* Avoid getting your hands wet for at lease 10 minutes to allow glue to evenly and completely dry.

Sticky Tabs

Step 5: Place a tab onto your nail bed, peel off protective plastic and apply press on nail to your finger. Hold nail firmly for 10 seconds.

How do I remove my press on Nails?

You can soak your nails in warm soapy water for 15 minutes, then use the wooden cuticle pusher provided to carefully remove the nails. Additionally, acetone can be used to remove the nail as well but please note that it will completely damaged your press on nails.


How long will my press on nails last

Once glued on, press on nails can last between 2-4 weeks with proper application and care. If press ons are applied with sticky tabs, wear time is between 1-2 days.


How can I make my press ons last longer?

Prep is super important to being able to wear your nails for weeks. By following proper application your nails can be worn for 3+ weeks.


Are press on nails flimsy?

Absolutely not! Press on nails are made from sturdy material and reinforced by several layers of gel polish providing extra strength. In fact, some press on nails are layered with acrylic adding even more durability.


Are press on nails reusable?

Definitely! But how you remove your nails plays an important role as to whether you will be able to re-wear your press ons. Make sure to be gentle while removing your nails if you intend on wearing them again. Use non damaging tools to aid in removal such as the wooden cuticle pusher that comes in your application kit and do not use any harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover or acetone.


If I purchase multiple press on sets in one order, will I also receive multiple application kits too?

No, only one application kit is provided per order and not per set. If you would like an additional application kit, please search “ Application kit” to purchase.


Can I get replacement nail(s)?

Of course, please search "replacement nail " to order



What is your processing time?

Current fulfillment time is 2-5 business days (unless you order an INSTAPRESS or Ready Set Press set by itself, whereas fulfillment time is within one business day/24hr).

Fulfillment time can be extended due to the size of your order. Which in that case, you will be contacted with a new fulfillment time.

Can I rush my order?

Yes! For an extra fee you can rush your order to be completed within 2 business days. Search "rush my order" add “Rush My Order” to check out. Please note that “Rush My Order” can be used towards all items on the website except on INSTAPRESS and Ready Set Press sets.




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 Cancellation is accepted within 24 hrs. of purchase (unless your order contains a INSTAPRESS or Ready Set Press nail set, whereas cancellation is not accepted). Once your order is in transit or delivered, given the nature of these products, returns and refunds are not accepted at this time (except for damaged and/or defective items).

None the less, e-mail nglamourbyleslie@gmail.com or DM @leenailglamour on Instagram for any questions concerning your order.